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Top Luxury Cars | 2012 Detroit Auto Show | AutoTrader

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    - Dużo ciekawego, zobaczyć moża też coś co piszą np. niżej.
  • - cant wait to see corvette c7 in detriot auto show : od O J
  • - Kia and Hyundai are making some great cars, but we're not sure they're equal to Bentley or even Mercedes Benz. Luxury is about space, power and exclusivity. Some feel exclusivity is the most important factor. : od Autotrader
  • - There's a Bentley in there -- it runs about $200K. There are many levels of luxury. We tend to view luxury as special attention to style, comfort, performance or technology, by brands who know how to do that well, whether it's a $30K Audi A3 or a $100K Audi A8. : od Autotrader
  • - When I typed luxury I meant something like a Rolls Royce or Maybach : od Juan Gordillo
  • - @RayzaBlayz It doesn't look as big in person... The wheelbase of the ATS is less than an inch longer than the 2012 BMW 3-Series, and about an inch shorter than the current Audi A4. The overall length of the ATS (around 182 inches) falls right between the two cars, with the A4 actually about 3 inches longer. : od Autotrader
  • - that ats is so big i cant see that competing against the 3 series and a4 : od RayzaBlayz