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japan tuning m3 e46

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    - Dużo ciekawego, zobaczyć moża też coś co piszą np. niżej.
  • - music is shit : od Dennis Bakurski
  • - what a waste of an m3 : od nathan caron
  • - For me it isn´t japan tuning, japan tuning must be added in a JDM car and I dont mean Ricer guys that add shits in the car and think it´s cool cuz he has got a Civic for example, This is just a custom ride but japanese tuning? It hasn´t, if you got a german car, please do a Stance, Hellaflush or something but not this, paint it black, put a BBS classic rims, etc but not this : od Alejandro Diaz
  • - never thought id hate such a positive song so much : od RaZZeL LL
  • - i'll not be jap tuning my beemer. looks shit : od g4rr377
  • - ruined : od budro
  • - Worst music ever used in a video. Period. Nice car but DAMN I couldn't watch that sh*t with the music on... : od Random2381
  • - i can only dream about this =( : od Serge awsm
  • - in black it was a lot better ;) : od Marcell
  • - Gold rims atrocious, black and red paint work just as bad. What a way to butcher the aesthetics of an amazing machine. : od Lachee Brun
  • - Red coulor looks shitty on that car : od Dom75GR
  • - le titre de la chanson svp : od filmak hd
  • - It wasn't the best looking car ever... and it turned out the be an ugly car... sometimes the best way is leaving it standard : od nolzetecs
  • - I like the little know for controls on the centre console.. I have a standard e46.. Ci SE 2.0 wonder if I can fit this to that.. Not afraid to tear the car apart to do stuff.. : od Paul Preston
  • - cheap looking wheels : od LeeMK2
  • - como cuanto te gastaste en total? : od Omar Gonzalez
  • - : od Mahir Xancanov
  • - yes I think we get that your 'Japan Tuning'. jesus are u hard on brand promotion or what. Hench logo at bottom of screen pop ups every 20 fucking seconds named the video after your shitty selfs even the car is painted in your horrible shade of red maybe if you actually made decent looking cars then people would recognise you more : od Nb3NSR
  • - Go stand in a corner and re-evaluate your life... : od IRiFTzHD
  • - as soon as I saw those rims I knew it would end bad : od SchneakerReview