2012 Buick Verano - 2011 Detroit Auto Show | pytanie.


2012 Buick Verano - 2011 Detroit Auto Show

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33 / 11540 / 2m 3s / zobacz: nie ma nic powiązanego.

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  • - the 2011-present Buick Verano is assembled in United States: Orion Township, Michigan : od TheCarArchives
  • - Buick needs to bring back the Riviera, Reatta, and the Grand National : od Scott Vanderbly
  • - Miss the old GM even though they had problems who dont there designs were in a way simpler inside and out... : od keri ellerbe
  • - This has been designed by Chinese.. that explains it pretty well. : od MrAronymous
  • - PUSH BUTTON START YES...FINALLY : od Jaylen Fast
  • - i like it but hate those tail lights : od Eskimopride07
  • - @happy543210 all thier cars are rebadges of Euro cars..... : od Tomaz Hilton
  • - I don't know why this car is luxury. No LED side repeaters, No Backup camera, No Air Ventilators at back seats These devices are a kind of trend upcoming cars. Hyundai 2012 Elantra has all those functions even though it's not a luxury car. : od meritocrat sawa
  • - Jeopardy! LOL that was a good one. : od Fussinated
  • - Why does it have a carbon copy interior of that of the Vauxhall astra? Ah, yes, because GM are cheap. Good luck for the future little shit box, I'm sure you won't compete with luxus or Audi. : od Kyle Burns
  • - @tarzwelu General Motors has officially given up on America! This car is a repackaging of the German engineered Daewoo Lacetti. : od happy543210
  • - @happy543210 Why not? : od Lucas Tarzwell
  • - Say Chacachino like you mean it : od kid
  • - WIsh the sheetmetal wasn't so bubbly, if it was a little more muscular the outside would look at great as the inside. Low 20s sounds great, but I imagine that with an interior like the one on the concept, it will reach into the low 30s. At that point, there are much better buys then the Buick. If they can manage to put out and interior like that at around 27k or so, then they have something. : od Bill BoBaggens
  • - This thing is gonna compete with a Lexus IS250 which starts at 32 grand???? Man, what a fairy tale! : od happy543210
  • - @Fnfigi ....not really : od cboyle38
  • - Looks nice! : od pdanos
  • - @ 1:28 it looks like a luxurious Ford Focus. Glad to see that Buick is still in the game though. : od DaddyIvo
  • - Eww @ 1:28. : od ReverseWhiplash
  • - This could do well... : od ThousanWhite